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Easily collect e-signatures

With us, you only pay for the signatures you need.
  • Choose pay-as-you-go or annual plan
  • Form builder included in all plans
  • Legally binding according to EU standards
Sign your first document for free (up to 5 signatures) - no credit card required!

Formify formalizes the way you e-sign

For those who want to digitalize and get agreements signed online, it has been difficult to find out how it works. Formify wants to make it simple. Here are four good reasons why:

In just 2 minutes you have sent your contract!

Simple is user-friendly - we make sure to keep the threshold low. Everyone in your organization who needs to e-sign documents should be able to get started immediately. Minimum learning times and no demos required.

SMS or WhatsApp invitations

Choose SMS or WhatsApp invitations based on your audience’s preference. This flexibility ensures you can reach people fast and get contracts signed quickly, no matter where they are.


How you appear is crucial. Clarity, simplicity and security shorten lead time in the signing process. All messages we send on your behalf contain only the essentials.

Document of value

A signed document is a document of value. Therefore, we do not send them as attachments in e-mails, we handle them in a more secure way. The completed documents can be downloaded from a secure site, with verification requirements.

Have you received a PDF document signed through Formify?

Have you received a PDF document signed through Formify?
If you have any questions, we have gathered the most important information here.

Legally binding according to EU standards

Regardless of what you send for signing (agreements, reports or employment contracts), you do it according to EU standards.Everything you usually put a handwritten signature on you can now get digitally signed.

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