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Safe - easy - correct

Formify is a straightforward digital case management and contract signing service that works as you would expect. It's easy to get started both for you as a user and for those who are invited to sign a contract.

Formify opens up the possibility of e-identification and signing via mobile. The service is based on PDF technology, a well-known and established standard, which means that our users are not locked into any system or program.

Formify guarantees safe handling in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The service is also free of knick-knacks. No video greetings or emoji features.

Here's how it works for you as a user:

Upload a document

Use your existing agreement or create a new one. Save it as a PDF, which you then upload to our system. You can edit and replace the document as long as you have not sent it out.

Add signature fields

Add fields and enter contact details for each person who is supposed to sign. The contact information you enter defines how how the document will be sent out. Place the signature fields in the appropriate location in the document.

Send the document

Once you have added all the signature fields and confirmed that the information is correct, the document is ready to be sent. We send out personal links to everyone who will sign, via phone text message and/or e-mail.

Document overview

When a document has been sent, you can see an overview of what has happened - all information and status about a case is gathered here. When the document is signed and completed, it's from this page that you can download it.

The completed document

With Formify, the result is always a PDF. A document signed and sealed by us, through a certificate from a publisher approved according to the EUTL, which means that the requirements for eIDAS/EU Regulation 910/2014 are met. Opening a document in e.g. Adobe Acrobat makes it easy to check the validity.

The user in focus

It is important to us that you who use our service can do it safely, securely and smoothly. Therefore, we have features that make it easy for you to revoke a document when something went wrong, or duplicate a previous mailing when you want to reuse the contact information of the person who will sign.

It is equally important to us that everyone who comes into contact with the service, when signing an agreement, gets the same type of experience.

This is how it works for those who sign:

Personal link

Everyone who is to sign will receive a phone text message and/or an e-mail from us. The message contains a personal link that is used to open the document. The recipient can open and sign the document directly in a regular web browser, on mobile or computer.

Secure link

When all parties have signed, new messages are sent out automatically. The PDF file is not attached directly to the message, but is instead accessed through a secure link. The link, which is personal and requires verification to be opened, shows the document overview and is available to each party.

Document overview

When a document is completed, all parties have access to their respective versions of the document overview. This page shows events related to the case. This is the place where the completed document can be downloaded.

Have you received a PDF document signed through Formify?

Have you received a PDF document signed through Formify?
If you have any questions, we have gathered the most important information here.

Please remember

It's only possible to validate a digital signature through the digital version of the document. This means that the PDF document is what is to be saved, a printed copy is nothing more than just a copy. This is also why e-signing is so good. A digitally signed document can be validated in a much more secure way than an outdated, analogue equivalent. The PDF document can be stored outside Formify - each party chooses the storage that suits them.